Ava Justin was born and raised in Minneapolis , Minnesota. This talented biracial beauty is a child actress/model on the rise. She first graced the big screen in 2016, With  the movie “No Regrets” a principal acting role where she portrayed the daughter of Brian white and Sharon leal, shared awesome on screen time with the great actress Monica Calhoun and also portrayed the grand daughter of the Emmy Award winning actress Loretta Devine. “No Regrets” is currently playing on Amazon and UMC. This fourteen year old starlet is now awaiting the release of couple of her of latest feature films as well as her up coming T.V show “Double Cross”   


Ava has continued to keep busy with her acting and modeling career and also making her own video content on tiktok where she now has over hundred forty thousand active fans who adore and continue to support her very much.    


She began her modeling career where she now now has appeared in numerous national & global print, billboard, and online ads for various clients including NIKE, GUESS, H&M, Hollister,  Abercrombie & Fitch, Barbie, Ralph Lauren, and more. Soon after, she began appearing in national retail commercials and print for clients such as Target, Horizon wireless, Nickelodeon, X-Box, Elmer's Glue, Minnesota Zoo and etc.  


This mini actress has also shared the small screen with great talents such as woody Harrelson, Laura Dern, Aurora Perrineau, and among others.. 


Her motivation & success in the entertainment industry is partly attributed to maintaining a healthy balance in life. Making time for her other passions that include competitive fast-pitch softball, gymnastics, and hip-hop dance have been key. Ava also enjoys reading, playing fast pitch softball with her team, singing, going to amusement parks and spending quality time with her family and friends.